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An estate is everything owned by a deceased person. This may include property, cars, clothes, jewellery, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, tools and others items. After a person dies, the estate must be distributed to beneficiaries named in the will. If you’ve been left an estate then our friendly staff at Tim Clarke and Co can assist with all of the legal formalities that are required during this time.

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This is the first step that the executor must take in the administration of the estate. The court must certify that the will is valid to allow the executor to distribute the assets from the estate to the beneficiaries. Contact us now so that we can help you with the probate application.

In case of the contentious probate, or in difficult circumstances, our experience in estate administration can significantly improve your chance of being successfully granted probate.

Letters of administration for interstate estates - read more ...

If someone dies without a will, an application must be made to the Supreme Court requesting permission for you to administer the estate of the deceased person. We can assist you in gaining approval from the court, so that you receive a legal letter of administration allowing you to become the administrator of the estate.

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An executor is a person named in a will to carry out the request of the will. After probate, an executor is responsible for the administration of the estate. We can offer you advice to assist in prompt administration of the estate, ensuring that you do not become personally liable to disgruntled beneficiaries.

Contested will - read more ...

Any ‘eligible’ person can dispute a will. Eligible persons include family members, former spouses, people residing with the deceased at the time of death or those who can establish that at some time they were dependant on the deceased.

Contesting or defending a will is a complex area of law, usually occurring at a time of grief and loss, and can be extremely stressful,. If you feel that you have been excluded from a will, or not adequately provided for, you may be able to make a Family Provisions claim. You may also be concerned that circumstances surrounding a will do not reflect the wishes of the deceased person.

You need to contact us urgently as time limitations apply. Any legal costs incurred as a result of a dispute are usually paid out of the estate.