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Your employer is required to register with WorkCover in order to insure against any possible injuries or accidents occurring to employees whilst at work.

We are experienced in all aspects of WorkCover and can provide you with advice in relation to weekly payments, rehabilitation plans and compensation for permanent impairment.

If you wish to dispute a decision with the Workers Compensation Tribunal, short time limits apply. It is important that you call us now for a free first interview so you can understand your rights and entitlements.

Section 43 - lump sum payments - read more ...

If you have an accident or are injured at work and suffer a permanent impairment as a result of the work injury, you may be entitled to a lump sum compensation payment, commonly known as a Section 43 claim

A lump sum is paid for non economic loss, compensation for:

  • pain and suffering
  • loss of amenities of life
  • loss of expectation of life
  • any other loss or detriment of a non-economic nature

If your injury is not long term, and you are likely to return to work with no permanent disability or ongoing problems, you may not be able to claim for a Section 43 lump sum. However you may be eligible for weekly payments.

Weekly payments - read more ...

If you have sustained an injury at work that has left you unable to perform the tasks you would usually perform at work as a result of the injury, you will be entitled to weekly payments of workers compensation. This may also include loss of income from a second job. Weekly payments should equal your average weekly wage and allowances.

Medical expenses - read more ...

You are also entitled to claim for reasonable medical rehabilitation expenses for the duration  of the disability whether you are working or not. Medical and rehabilitation costs that may be covered include:

  • hospital bills
  • doctors and other health professionals
  • gym membership
  • home modifications
  • travelling costs to medical treatments

Disputing a claim - read more ...

If  WorkCover has made a decision that you do not agree with, for example has rejected your claim or accepted your claim for a limited period or incorrectly calculated your weekly payments, you can dispute the decision by lodging a Notice of Dispute with the Workers Compensation Tribunal within 28 days.

Workers Compensation Tribunal - read more ...

We can help you lodge a dispute with the Workers Compensation Tribunal if WorkCover has made a decision you are not happy with. You only have limited time to lodge a dispute so please call us now for a free first interview so we can help you understand the system and what you may be entitled to.